Animal Husbandry


V4U has assisted home bound people with a little land and access to ground water to start animal husbandry from their homes. By purchasing livestock and providing a small allowance for fencing and initial livestock subsistence, families are enabled with food and money in a sustainable manner. They are then able to invest some of their income in home farm crops to provide for their daily needs.

We have several opportunities for sponsors and donors to help individual families directly or through V4U services. One successful project can cost as little as £60 and be implemented within 5 to 10 days.



Home dairy projects are used to assist people whose personal circumstances prevent them from earning a living. Physically challenged people (age or disability) often merit this type of assistance. By donating one cow a person is able to obtain nutrition for themselves or their family and earn a little money to buy food for the day. An elderly lady with no income who was trying to look after her granddaughter from free handouts was given a cow by V4U. While V4U could provide some comfort we could not replace her daughter and son-in-law who were killed in the civil war, or provide reassurance that her granddaughter would be looked after in her absence.

The civil war has produced tens of thousands people in this situation. For as little as £150 donors or sponsors can provide immediate relief to a family, or an individual. You can do this directly with our help or through V4U.



The once thriving fishing communities on the North and East coasts of Sri-Lanka have been decimated by the civil war and subsequent civil embargoes. The few boats that have been returned to these communities in a usable condition are without their motors and fishing nets. The fishing folk stand on the shore and watch helplessly as commercial trawlers from far away locations take away their catch. V4U is continually collecting funds to assist purchase of boats, nets and outboard motors. As this project is a costly investment that could deliver good returns for the local community, V4U is expecting to recover these funds and help more families in the same way. We are currently negotiating fast payback loans with the individuals and tying to facilitate assistance through bank loans to a wider community, rather than just waiting for V4U funds to be collected.

Donation to this project can have a significant impact on accelerating the rejuvenation of local communities as the recovered funds will keep helping other families. A donation or sponsorship towards one boat can lead to several families each having a boat! Fishing net £40, Outboard motor £700, Fibre Glass Boat £XXXX.

Sewing services


The community is well endowed with skills in this area. With the supply of a few sewing machines to different areas (without creating too much competition) people are able to fend for themselves without recourse to handouts or further charity. We have enabled people in this area with significant success in creating self-sufficiency. With greater funds and a broader base of people benefitting from this donation we would like to develop their skill sets by getting expert volunteers to train them.

Each sewing machine costs around £100 – please contribute generously to this worthy cause. There are many people whose lives can be changed by such a small investment from you. V4U can identify the worthy individuals for you to donate directly or through us.

Solar Energy


As the sun sets on the horizon, the war-affected areas of Sri-Lanka have little or no sources of light. The community goes to sleep instead of completing their daily chores. By providing cheap domestic solar light sources we hope to bring early evening life back to these communities allowing them to complete essential tasks. Children are currently unable to do their homework or undertake private study without light in some areas of eastern Sri-Lanka.

V4U is currently researching the most cost-effective solutions to this problem using volunteer experts. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating towards this project please get in touch through our Contact page.

Clothes and essentials


Periodically V4U supplies clothes and other essential items to people-in-need. We will send out calls for donations whenever we run these programs and would be grateful for your impromptu support. Support can be provided by supplying new or re-usable items specified by us, a financial contributions to allow purchase of required items, or offering V4U physical assistance with managing the donations through to those in-need.

Details of collections and locations will be specified on this website.

Milling services


The milling of food ingredients like chillies, rice, spices, coffee, grains and several other crop produce is a basic requirement in some areas to allow people to cook their traditional food. V4U has provided equipment to allow the provision of such a services in strategic locations. The set-up of a milling service costs around £200. One beneficiary who did not have legs requested and received this support from us. There are many more people who could benefit from having this service in other areas. We can assist you to make this service more widely available and to the benefit of people who are in desperate need of income. You can donate funds to enable us or use V4U to set this up yourself.