“There are two aspects of life worth paying attention to:  our charitable actions and the spaces between them”


The Sri-Lankan people we help are in desperate need of food, water, clothing, medical treatment, basic education and other essentials. Please do not let them slip between your fingers of kindness.

Every penny that you donate will go directly to the project(s) without deduction of any costs. You can tell us which project(s) you would like your money used for. We encourage personal contact with the people you are helping, but you can remain anonymous if you wish.

If you prefer to donate or support people or families directly, please contact us [click]. We can help you identify them using our local networks and associations with other charities.

We can update our project page with your involvement on the website. Once you donate you will be included in our quarterly email news letter which will explore how your money is helping the people affected by the civil war Sri Lanka.

If you cannot donate, you will have significant power to raise money for us by getting involved in our fund raising activities and events.

Please help in anyway you can !