About V4U

V4U is committed to the immediate relief of poverty and the implementation of sustainable development.


In the beginning We started our relief activities on the island of Sri-Lanka in 200o using our personal funds and that of family and friends.

Since then, through the involvement of our UK team on the ground we have developed a wider geographical perspective of the serious issues affecting people and the immediate solutions required.

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Desperate ground realities

A significant part of this now impoverished community used to live through small home farms, small fishing communities or by providing local services in order to a make a modest living. Their modest living was a happy living.

Today they are hungry and desperate through no fault of their own, or nature.

Orphaned children, the elderly and families are going hungry because they cannot afford to buy or grow enough food to feed themselves. This is because their crops have been destroyed and animals and machinery stolen or destroyed by the civil war.

Now that the war is over they cannot buy the grains, animals or machinery to restart their lives.

As individuals they do not need much !

You would be surprised to know how little each person or family needs in order to restart their lives and get back to self-sufficiency. The equivalent of one energy bill of a three-bedroom household in UK is all it took to get two people (and their dependents) back to self-sufficiency. The land is fertile and the motivation of these people to rebuild their lives is strong – they just need a helping hand so that they do not need to depend on others anymore.

Some children cannot go to what is left of their meager school if the rains have not allowed their clothes to dry for the next day (even though they are happy to walk their with their bare feet) !


All V4U’s fund raising activities are managed and run by a wide group of volunteers who passionately give up their personal time for this cause. The individuals and teams bring their own interests and passions to organize different events for the wider community.

Apart from the passion of serving humanity we are also passionate about having fun and enjoying what we do. Especially what we organize for our well-wishers, donors, sponsors and event participants.

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“Your penny in our hand is a penny in theirs”

It is our earnest wish and hope that this can be an indefinite commitment of V4U.

The Trustees and volunteers will work closely with the people on the ground to ensure that the projects are reviewed on a regular basis and that they are delivering on the outcomes expected. V4U will be open and accountable to our volunteer fundraisers, donors, sponsors, commissioners and statutory organisations.

Partnership Cooperation and Teamwork

V4U works directly itself but also closely with other charity organisations and persons with local knowledge to ensure that the relief effort is optimised and without duplication.

V4U is unaligned to any political party, religious organisation or activist group.

Governance and Compliance

We are governed by the rules and regulations of UK Company Law and the Charities Commission for England and Wales. The Trustees are committed to practicing the high standards of compliance and governance in conducting its humanitarian activities.